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NPBS 2017

25 – 26th April 2017 in Lahore, Pakistan

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We have done it now for four times already! After two very successful Finland-Pakistan Business Summit events everything just got bigger and we expanded our focus up to Nordic level; the first Nordic Pakistan Business Summit – NPBS –  in Islamabad, Pakistan in April 2016 and the NPBS Helsinki Edition in Helsinki, Finland in January 2017.  The numbers are pretty impressive; over 550 participants and over 260 companies in total have already joined our platform since february 2014. Furthermore, we have actually taken over 80 companies from Finland and Nordic region to Pakistan – most of them for the first time ever – which is pretty remarkable volume in just couple of years. And even more remarkable is that fact that many of these companies have done a lot of business thanks for the decision they made to participate the Summits!


The platform opening the eyes of business people to recognise the opportunities in the Pakistani market. And vice versa; telling Pakistani companies about the business opportunities in the Nordic market. And for us Nordic market means the “new Nordic, or Nordic-Baltic as you might call it too i.e. region of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


So, you should be ready for the next one – NPBS 2017 on April 25-26th 2017 in Lahore, Pakistan! Registration is now open!


Take a look here what has happened at the previous events – pictures will tell you more than 1000s of words.


Pakistan is a huge market of almost 200 million people with 5-6 per cent GDP growth, growing middle-class keeps the society running and developing in the near future too. Currently there are several major projects going on e.g. in infrastructure and construction offering plenty of opportunities to Nordic companies. Simultaneously the Pakistani companies are looking for new markets for their products and production and the Nordic region with a strong purchasing power is a perfect area to be researched. In terms of GDP we are talking about $1.5 bn market available for Pakistani products and companies!


Why a Nordic Summit? Accessing a new market requires recognition and countries like Pakistan it needs to be done through visible actions.  When you are entering a huge emerging market like Pakistan every Nordic country is a pretty small player, especially if you are a SME company. And even many big Nordic corporations don’t know Pakistan, it’s current economical status with such a big business opportunities. And for us Nordic means the same “New Nordic Region” that e.g. US President has been using to describe the region of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and we would support all companies from that region to browse the business opportunities with Pakistani companies and in Pakistan. Together the Nordic market comes pretty strong player and competitive against bigger European countries so taking Nordic companies together to Pakistan makes a lot of sense. Competitors in the same event at the same time? We would encourage you take a another view: big and visible event with large delegation of Nordic companies will also bring the best Pakistani companies and the representatives of Federal and Provincial Governments. Summit brings companies together – rest of the story is just business. The big question for Nordic companies is easy: can you really afford to skip a market with 200 million people and 5-6% annual GDP growth?


Business for Nordic companies in Pakistan? We see huge possibilities e.g. in energy sector like solar, wind, waste to energy and hydro, widely in the whole IT/ICT sector, educational sector, health care, food production and distribution, CleanTech and environmental technologies – especially everything related to water and waste water, within those huge infrastructural development projects basically mandatory in Pakistan during the coming years, whole defence & security sector and so on – just a few examples. Please contact us for more information and we can tell more about possibilities for your company.


Nordic market for Pakistani companies? Simultaneously Nordic market is still pretty unknown among Pakistani companies who have traditionally done most of their business in Europe with UK, Germany and France. For our Pakistani friends our message is clear: you should think out of the box, simple as that. The new Nordic market is a market with only 32 million people with a total GDP of $1.5 trillion – 17th biggest region on the world, 5th biggest economy in Europe – creating high purchasing power that most of the Pakistani companies don’t recognise. It is obvious that Pakistan has plenty to offer and like H.E. Mr. Muhammad Tariq Zameer, Ambassador of Pakistan to Sweden and Finland says in his welcoming words it is now time participate, see and explore Pakistan!

“I believe that both sides have the same challenge. Nordic companies don’t understand the dynamics and opportunities of the Pakistani market and Pakistani companies don’t understand the purchasing power of the common Nordic market with only 32 million people but with $1.5 trillion GDP in total”

Mr. Wille Eerola, Chairman of the Nordic Pakistan Business Summit

For Growth, Networking and Opportunities.

Over the years so many companies asked us to organize a business delegation to Pakistan, understanding the possibilities existing for good cooperation between business people from both countries. And mainly because Pakistan has slightly been in the shadow of any governmental trade promotion activities of every Nordic country, as well as most of the EU countries. Those companies contacting us realised that there must be that ‘other Pakistan’ too, something not so often reported on international media.


Based on the positive development and clearly more corporate friendly environment in the current Pakistan, we decided to make it happen a few years ago and also decided to create an annual event supporting the growing need of information about Pakistan. Business Summits are bringing together the best selection of Pakistani and Nordic companies for understanding, communication, networking and new business. All our organizing team consists of business people and therefore our focus is on new business only, really making it happen through professionally tailored matchmaking. From Business to Business.


The Business Summit is all private and non-profit event planned and organised by private business people and companies in cooperation with the regional Pakistan Business Councils. The NPBS event and all trademarks are owned by Finland Pakistan Business Council, established already back in 1985, making it one of the oldest Pakistan Business Councils in the world.


The Summit is always one or two effective and productive days, one with overall brief about Pakistan and the business opportunities with plenty of B2B meetings and networking, another one  reserved for meetings, company visits and business. We bing the platform, companies do the business!

Pakistan is full of possibilities for Nordic companies and vice versa.

Over the last few years Pakistan has suffered plenty of the bad image on the international media and sure for real reasons too. But that is not the whole story: the bright spotlight of the media on the country’s negative side has also left the business opportunities that the emerging country provides in shadows.


Even that Pakistan was not maybe really able to reach all the highest expectations becoming the next super-emerging market after Brazil a few years ago the economical growth has been relatively stable recently. Pakistan’s economy is expected to grow by 5-6 per cent in the coming years, inflation rate has been record-low in 2015 with only 3.2% and e.g. World Bank and IMF has been satisfied with the latest development of the country. Read more about latest in Pakistan in the News section.


But Pakistan is a also a huge country with some differences between the provinces but definitely with plenty of opportunities for Nordic businesses and companies. See also the World Bank data about Pakistan here. Despite the challenges Pakistan – one of the world’s biggest countries with 200 million people – is clearly developing and growing. Parliament election was held in spring 2013 and the new Government has worked hard supporting the corporate sector, new entrepreneurship and foreign investments to help the country to jump back to that positive curve of development. Definitely plenty of interesting development taking place in Pakistan so every company in the Nordic region looking for new business and customer should come and see the market with their own eyes. Reality is very different that you might think and despite the obvious challenges Pakistan is doing pretty well nowadays! Read more in the ‘News’-section.


The reason why we originally decided to establish the Business Summit concept is clear: we do believe that Pakistan can offer plenty of opportunities to Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and other Nordic and Baltic companies looking for new business and growth outside their home European Union market and those opportunities should be explored right now! But this is not only about Nordic companies going to Pakistan, this is also about Pakistani companies seeing the opportunities in the whole Nordic region and further to European Union can offer to them.


If you are ready to make new business we would welcome you to join us! Your next chance is in April 2017, when NPBS 2017 takes the companies to Lahore, Pakistan on 25-26th April. Registration for NPBS 2017 is now open! And Please follow the “News” -section for all updates and Pakistan business related news.


Nordic Pakistan Business Summit Helsinki Edition 2017 , January 19-20, 2017. First time in the Nordic region with the biggest Pakistani delegation ever! Take a look how great that was on Flickr!



Nordic Pakistan Business Summit 2016, April 11-12, 2016. We reach the milestone of 3rd event with over 30 companies from the Nordic and 150 total. More photos on Flickr


Three very successful events already organised with 300 people and 150 companies and business worth of over 20 million Euros in total. Take a look what has happened! More photos on Flickr


We started already in 2014 – Finland Pakistan Business Summit 2014 was a big success and reported in over 30 media channels. More photos on Flickr